3 Things To Do Before Moving Into A Newly-Purchased House

8 April 2018
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Planning to move into a new home? Have you thought about everything that needs to be done before moving in? Moving to a new home can be exciting, but there is a lot that needs to be done before you and your family can consider the move-in process to be complete. Some of these things may be obvious, others are going to be less so. Some of the less obvious things that you may not yet have considered include: Read More 

How’d That Get In There? How To Tell If You Have A Broken Sewer Main

24 March 2018
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If your home is more than 20 to 25 years old, chances are good that you've got cast-iron plumbing pipes. If you do, you're likely going to be looking at some serious plumbing issues in the coming years. That's because cast-iron pipes aren't designed to last forever. In fact, if they've lasted this long, they're probably getting ready to rupture. Unfortunately, you can't always tell when there are problems underground. In fact, you could have a ruptured sewer line and not even know it until the symptoms started presenting themselves. Read More 

Several Tips For Those Considering Installing Hot Water Dispensers In Their Restaurant

10 March 2018
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Owning and managing a restaurant will require you to make many important decisions when it comes to the daily operations of the business. Part of this will include ensuring that your workers have access to all of the equipment that they may require over the course of their shift. Due to the type of work and products that will be sold to your restaurant's customers, you may find that installing a hot water dispenser can be a useful investment for your business. Read More 

Sewer And Drainage Lines: Watch What You Allow Inside Them

12 February 2018
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If your toilet, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures clog up on a daily basis, watch what you put down your sink, tub, and toilet drains. Grease, fatty soaps, and toilet paper can make their way into your sewer line and clog it up. Sewer line clogs can cause issues with your home's entire plumbing system, including backups and underground leaks. The information below can help you learn more about your home's plumbing and sewer lines and what you can do to stop the clogs occurring in them. Read More 

Is Your Well Water Pump Acting Up? Learn The Warning Signs Of A Pending Breakdown Before It’s Too Late

18 January 2018
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When you depend on your well water to shower, flush toilets, and prepare meals, it can be discouraging to think that your well water pump could go out at any time. However, there are usually some signs that could alert you to the fact that you are in need of well water pump repair. You just have to know what those signs are so you can hire a professional plumber to take care of the issue before you find yourself without any water coming into the house. Read More