Want To Stay Warm And Toasty? Install An Outside Infrared Heater

19 September 2014
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Winter is upon us, and if the thought of staying indoors all season does not sound appealing to you, infrared heaters can keep you warm. You can put these heaters anywhere you like in your yard, such as your deck, patio, and more.

Different Types of Infrared Heaters

There are different types of infrared heaters you can purchase.  Some heaters direct the light straight into a certain area to create heat on a certain object.

Other infrared heaters produce more warmth because they contain three parts: infrared light bulbs, heat exchanger, and a fan that blows air to the heater exchanger to create the heat that you feel.

When you purchase infrared heaters, you will find there are electric, natural gas, and propane heaters. Some heaters are portable, and some are made from ceramic.

The type of heater you should purchase depends where you are going to use it. To help you with this, you should learn the different specifications

Infrared Heaters Specifications

The first specification you should look at is the energy source. As stated above, you can purchase either propane, natural gas, or electric. If you purchase an electric infrared heater, you should check how many Hz and volts are used. This will ensure you purchase a heater that outputs the right amount of heat for your situation.

The higher the volts and Hz the heat output will be stronger. This depends on how large the space is that you need to heat.

Some other specifications you need to consider include:

  • If the heater has wheels so you can easily move it
  • Color
  • A thermostat if you want to control the heat
  • Durable

You should also consider the design of the heater. Most heaters will have a cover over the heating element to protect it. This cover can be brass, steel, iron, or copper.

When you purchase an infrared heater, the salesperson can help you make the right choice.

Benefits of an Infrared Heater

There are many benefits of choosing an infrared heater over a traditional outdoor heater including:

  • Longer heat wavelength
  • Longer lasting warmth
  • Operates quietly
  • Provides instant heat
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy efficient

If you like to spend time outdoors, you can still do so with an infrared heater. Enjoy time in the garden, or invite friends over to sit on the patio with you. Wherever you need it, you can have heat and stay warm no matter how cold it is. Further questions on warmth can be directed to specialists such as Clark's Plumbing & Heating Corp.