Addressing Some of Your Questions concerning Your Home's Heat Pump

28 August 2015
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Heat pumps are somewhat common for residential heating systems, but there are many homeowners who are not well informed about them. If you own a heat pump, a lack of knowledge about this system can make it difficult for you to make sound choices about its use. Becoming well-informed about your heating system is important for ensuring you have an energy efficient and comfortable home, and learning these two questions concerning heat pumps should help with this task. 

Does a Heat Pump Actually Generate Heat?

There is a relatively common misunderstanding that heat pumps generate heat through the use of a heating element. However, this is not the case because these systems harvest the heat that is in the air. While this may seem counterintuitive on a cold winter's day, there is always heat present in the air, and these systems use a complex process to extract this warmth from the air.

Unfortunately, these systems may not produce enough warmth on days when the temperature is particularly low. To ensure your home stays warm enough on these days, you should consider installing a backup heat source. While you may only need the backup heater on a few days out of the year, it can prove invaluable during these times. 

Will the Heat Pump Ever Need to Be Cleaned?

Another issue that your pump may encounter is foul odors. As these systems are used, it is possible for condensation to form on the interior of the system. The warm and moist environment of the heat pump's interior can create the ideal conditions for mold to grow, which can cause a musty odor to fill your home when this system is being used. 

To correct this issue, a professional cleaning will be needed. Your heat pump will need to be disassembled and each component will have to be cleaned and sanitized. If a component is not sanitized, it will be possible for the mold to quickly return. While these cleanings can be expensive and take several hours to complete, this is a better alternative than replacing the unit. 

In order to be an educated homeowner, you must have a solid understanding of your home's heating system. For those with a heat pump, it is important to understand how these systems work and how to address foul smells from the unit. This will help you to make sound choices when it concerns your home's heat pump. Click here for more info about heat pumps and their maintenance.