Three Ways To Be Nicer To Your Septic System This Year

22 May 2017
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Your septic system works hard to handle your waste and wastewater. Yet, many homeowners don't pay many attention to their septic systems, which can eventually lead to sewage backups and overflows. Make this the year you finally pay the septic system the attention it deserves! Here are three ways to do so.

Stop flushing all of the extras.

Things like wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, and cotton swabs have no business going down your toilet. While you may not immediately notice a problem when you start flushing these items, they build up over time in the bottom of your septic tank. They take forever to break down, so they don't usually get removed until the plumber comes to pump out the tank. Let them build up too much, and you won't have a lot of tank space left for waste and wastewater. That's when overflows happen. This year, stop flushing anything other than human waste and toilet paper. Your septic tank will thank you, and you may be able to get it pumped less often.

Reduce your use of harsh cleaning chemicals.

Inside your septic tank, bacteria break down the solid human waste. When it's broken down enough, it rinses out of the tank and into the leach field. If you don't have enough bacteria in the tank, this process will slow down, and the tank will become increasingly filled with solid waste. You can give your bacteria levels a boost by backing off on your use of harsh cleaning products, like bleach, which kill bacteria when they rinse into your septic tank. Rely instead on milder cleaners, like vinegar and baking soda. When you do wash something with bleach or another strong cleaner, dump the water in your driveway rather than down the drain.

Don't park or put anything heavy in the septic area.

If you're not sure where in your yard your septic tank and the associated leach field are located, look at your home's blueprints to find out. Then, avoid parking any cars, lawn tractors, or other heavy items in this area. Parking directly over the septic tank can compress it, decreasing its volume. Parking over the leach field can compact the soil, making it harder for your tank to empty into this soil.

To learn more about proper septic system care and how you can treat your system better, reach out to a plumbing contractor in your area. With the tips above, you'll be off to a great start.