Own A Garbage Disposal? 5 Things To Avoid Tossing Into It

27 July 2017
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Garbage disposals are a wonderful kitchen appliance that makes food preparation convenient.  All your food waste can go down your kitchen drain so that the appliance grinds the food up into small pieces.  Unfortunately, there are some foods that should actually stay out of a garbage disposal.  The problem may not be apparent immediately, but you could soon face a problem such as a clogged drain or broken disposal.

Egg Shells

Peeling an egg is not exactly the cleanest kitchen activity, which is why many people do it over the sink.  If you are peeling a hard boiled egg those tiny pieces of egg shell may be easier to wash down the drain than to put in the trash.  You may not be aware that an egg shell doesn't break down very easily, and it will eventually decompose into a material that is more like sand.  This isn't great for your home's plumbing.

In addition, the membrane under the shell can be incredibly tough and find its way around your garbage disposal's blades.

Starchy Foods

Foods like potatoes, rice, and pasta are capable of absorbing a ton of water. The pieces can start off small, but they will eventually swell once they are in your drain. 

While it may seem like the blades of a garbage disposal can handle starchy foods without any issue, they are prone to getting stuck in the drain pipe or on the inside of the garbage disposal's canister. These foods lead to quite a sticky situation that is difficult to clean.

Fibrous Vegetables

Fibrous vegetables include string beans, onions, celery, and squash.  They are often the leftover foods from a meal that get washed into the drain when you go to rinse off a plate.  Be sure to scrape these foods into the trash instead of the sink.

Fibrous vegetables are known to be very tough and can get stuck around the garbage disposal's blades. You may run into an issue where garbage disposal's blades stop spinning because so many fibrous foods have wrapped around the blade mechanism.

Fatty Foods

The problem with fatty foods is that they harden once they get inside your garbage disposal.  This includes turkey skin, chicken skin, leftover fat from a piece of meat, or even grease on a pan after using it to cook.  Put these foods in the trash to avoid a clog or jam within your garbage disposal.

If you have run into a problem with your garbage disposal because of careless behavior, be sure to call a local plumber for drain cleaning service.