What To Do When Something Is Stuck In Your Drain

27 April 2018
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Do you have something stuck in your drain? Whether it's a valuable item such as a precious piece of jewelry or an unwanted clog, you want to get it out as possible. Failure to do so will lead to more serious problems and may render your facilities unusable.

Here are a few measures you can take to remove the item.


Ensure there is water in the sink or area in question. Push a plunger over the outlet and release. Continue the sequence until the water begins to drain.


You can also try to remove the clog using a wire clothes hanger. Stretch it out and release it into the drain, with the hooked side down. Try to reach the offending item and pull it out.

Pour Hot Water Down the Drain

This method is especially effective against greas,e as hot water will dissolve the grease and unblock the clog. However, boiling water could damage PVC pipes, so make sure your pipes can withstand the temperatures.

Hot water will also not dissolve hair and other products, so it may just be a temporary solution.

Use a Plumber's Snake

Insert the cable into the drain as far as you can go until you start to feel the clog. Hook the cable into the blockage and pull it out. A domestic plumber's snake will not reach clogs that are deep inside the drainage.

Open the P-trap

This method is best for retrieving valuables. The P-trap is the pipe leading from your sink's outlet. It is located underneath the sink. Put an empty bucket underneath the P-trap. Turn off the main water supply valve.

Go under the sink and loosen the nut from the sink's outlet. Next, loosen the nut from the part leading to the wall. Pull out the middle piece, holding it upright. Drain the contents into a bucket. The clog or object should drain into the bucket.

Use Drain Cleaner

If all else fails, you may use a drain cleaner. Here you have to be careful about the product you use. Some chemical drain cleaners are highly toxic and can cause respiratory problems and harm the environment. Repeated use can also corrode your pipes.

If you have to use drain cleaners, choose biological cleaners. Alternatively, go for professional drain cleaning services, as they'll know the best and safest cleaners to use.

There are lots of techniques you can apply to remove or retrieve items stuck in your drain. These range from manual, to chemical and biological methods. Most of these methods can be tried at home. If all these do not work, you have the option of consulting professional drain cleaning services.