How Natural Gas Allows You To Upgrade Your Home

10 June 2018
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If you bought an old house you plan to totally renovate, it's a good time to have lines installed for gas appliances. Natural gas is usually cheaper than electricity, and you can use it for many appliances in your home. As long as the home has a gas meter connected to the gas main in the street, a plumber can install all the lines you need to power your appliances. Here are some upgrades you can add to your home once new gas lines are installed.

Standby Generator

If you live in an area where the power goes out frequently, it's frustrating because you never know when a storm will knock it out. Plus, you never know how long the power will be off. When you have a natural gas standby generator, it kicks on when it senses a loss of electricity. This ensures you always have power to your home even during prolonged power outages.

Gas Stove

Professional chefs use gas stoves because they are more precise when it comes to temperature control. A gas stove is a must for a gourmet kitchen, and it's a good selling point when you put your home on the market. If you enjoy cooking as a hobby, then you'll improve your skills with the help of a gas stove.

Water Heater

A gas water heater can save money compared to an electric model. It doesn't matter if you have a tankless or reservoir heater, it will keep your water warm more efficiently. You might also want to consider installing radiant floor heating in your renovated home. The floor can be heated with electricity or hot water from your water heater. Hot water is the more economical option, and when you heat it with gas, you can enjoy further savings.


You can include a fireplace in your renovation plans at a more affordable cost when you install one powered with natural gas. You won't even need a chimney. However, if the home has a chimney, you can convert it to a gas fireplace easily. Gas is much more convenient than a wood fireplace. You can control the intensity of the fire with a remote control and turn it on and off instantly. A fireplace is a great addition to your home, and it's something that future home buyers will appreciate too.

Having gas lines installed allows you to take advantage of modern home features that aren't as affordable or even possible with electricity. A plumber can extend existing lines or install new lines whether you want hookups in your home for appliances or on your patio for a grill. For more information, contact your local gas line installation service.