Possible Causes For Low Water Pressure In The House

20 July 2018
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There is nothing as frustrating as trying to shower, wash the dishes or use water in any other way and finding that the flow rate or pressure is low. Here are some of the common causes of such problems:

You Are Using Too Many Fixtures at Once

The water supply to your house doesn't increase or decrease with your usage; it is the same whether you are using many water fixtures or a couple of fixtures only. This means the water pressure will be distributed among all the fixtures running concurrently. As a result, using multiple water fixtures at the same time will reduce your water pressure.

Your Water Supply System Is Clogged

According to First Class Plumbing LLC., clogging at any point in your water supply line will reduce the flow rate of water coming out of your fixtures. This is because the debris reduces the internal diameter of the water pipes. Typically, clogging occurs either within the pipes or on the water filter (some homes have a water filter used to reduce the amount of debris in water). The offending debris is likely to be mineral deposits, water sediments or blobs of solder that may have broken away from a joint.

Your Water Pipes Are Leaking

Your water flow rate may also reduce in the case of a hidden water leak. In such a case, the water flow rate will drop because some of it is being diverted elsewhere through the leak. However, such a leak will not stay hidden for long because if it is enough to create a drop in water pressure, then the leak point is not tiny and you will soon make its discovery.

The Water Pressure Regulator Is Malfunctioning

The water pressure regulator, which is typically installed at the point where your main water lines enters the house, may also affect your water pressure if it is malfunctioning. The pressure regulator is meant to reduce the pressure of the municipal water, which is dangerously high, to safe levels before it reaches your plumbing fixtures. A malfunction, however, may reduce the pressure too much and affect your fixtures.

The Issue Is With the Municipal Water System

Lastly, you may also be dealing with a low flow rate or water pressure because of an issue in the municipal supply system. This may be due to a malfunction in the water control systems or because too many of your neighbors are using too much water all at once.

Low water pressure or flow rate is a solvable problem. Just consult a plumber for a diagnosis and solution.