2 Questions About Switching To Tankless Water Heating For A Business

11 September 2018
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You may not think much about providing hot water for your business until the hot water stops working. This gives you the opportunity to replace it with a similar model, or upgrade to a tankless hot water heater instead. If you are unfamiliar with this kind of hot water heater, here are a few questions that you might have.

Are Tankless Hot Water Heaters Expensive?

Don't make the mistake of not considering at tankless hot water heater because you assume it will cost too much money and not fit within your budget. While a tankless model does cost more money than a traditional model, it's possible for you to actually save money in the end. This is because a tankless hot water heater uses less energy, so you'll spend less money actually heating the water up to the desired temperatures. You won't be paying to heat a tank of hot water every night and weekend when people are not in the building. You may also qualify for tax credits for making this energy efficient upgrade, so check with your local utility companies to see if you qualify.

When it comes to the installation, expect to pay anywhere between $1,500 and $2,000 for a tankless hot water heater. This includes removing the old tank, disposing it, purchasing the new tank, and the labor with hooking it up. If you are looking to change the heating method from electric to gas, expect to pay more money for the work of installing a new utility line.

Will Tankless Hot Water Heaters Keep Up With Demand?

One negative aspect about tankless hot water heaters you may have heard of is that they are unable to keep up with the demand that is put on them. This is more common in homes, where you have people showering, doing laundry, washing dishes, cleaning, and other hot water intensive activities. This is because a tankless hot water heater is only capable of producing so much hot water at once.

When using a tankless hot water heater for a business, all you may be using hot water for is bathrooms and for cleaning. You don't have people using massive amounts of hot water all at once, so a tankless model will easily be able to keep up with the demand.

For more questions about upgrading to a tankless hot water heater for your business, reach out to local commercial plumbing services for assistance. If you move forward with getting one, they can help with the installation and purchasing of equipment.