3 Huge Reasons To Choose Trenchless Pipe Replacement Vs. Traditional Sewer Line Repair

22 May 2019
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Have you recently been told that your sewer line is failing? Were you then quoted a price to replace it that is outside of your current budget? Traditionally, replacing a damaged sewer line can be an expensive and time-consuming procedure. Fortunately, this isn't your only option if your sewer line is cracked or is otherwise starting to disintegrate. There is also a "trenchless" option that may be a better choice right now for you and for your home. Some of the best reasons why you may want to choose this option are as follows.

Less expensive: Much of the cost of replacing a sewer line comes from the labor involved in digging up the old line and in leveling the ground to prepare for the new line. But with a trenchless pipe replacement, most of the labor cost is eliminated. Instead of potentially taking several days to excavate the existing sewer line, the professionals will only have to dig two small holes to get access to each end. Depending on circumstances, the whole repair may be completed in just a few hours. As a result, the total bill will be a fraction of what you were otherwise expecting to have to pay.

Less disruptive: When digging up a sewer line, it's more or less inevitable that a section of your lawn will get disturbed and that other, larger, plants may need to be moved or cut down to facilitate the installation. It can take many weeks, if not a full year, for your lawn & garden to fully recover. But because a trenchless pipe replacement only needs a couple of relatively small holes, there is much less that will be disturbed. The area that has been dug up will be much easier to conceal and will recover much more quickly than it would if the entire pipe length had been dug up.

More convenient: With regular sewer line repairs or replacement, you may feel like you have to take many days off of work or lose an entire weekend so as to be available if something goes wrong or if the workers need you to answer a question. Even if this doesn't wind up costing you more money in the form of lost wages, it's extremely inconvenient to have to put your life on pause to deal with this issue. With trenchless pipe replacement, the job will be completed so quickly that you won't need to take any extra time off at all.

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