What Should You Consider Before Water Heater Installation? 4 Main Factors

22 March 2021
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Are you tired of constantly battling with frostnip when washing the dishes in cold water? Perhaps cold showers don't cut it anymore now that you have kids around. Whatever your reasons for installing a water heater, you are on the right track. Water heaters are excellent home appliances and can improve your quality of life. But what should you pay attention to when installing a water heater to make the right investment? Listed below are four crucial factors that you should consider.

1. Explore the Various Kinds of Heaters

The market now holds a wide range of heater types to choose from. You are spoiled for choice with options such as tankless, solar, and conventional water heaters.

The tankless heaters are a popular option if you don't have enough space for a hot water tank. Depending on your needs, pricing, and preferences, you might want to explore these options while factoring in their benefits and cons.

2. Factor in the Unit's Energy Efficiency

If you are upgrading your heater, energy efficiency is probably one of your top concerns. Thankfully, modern models have been designed to go slow on energy consumption. The water heater installation project might require significant upfront costs, but you will save money in the long run due to reduced energy consumption.

If energy bills are your primary concern, tankless and solar water heaters are an excellent choice for you. Consult with the experts for professional guidance concerning energy-efficient water heaters.

3. Pay Attention to the Size

What is your average hot water requirement? You'll need to choose the right capacity of the water heater to avoid underutilizing or overusing the system. Before the installation project, your contractor will analyze your wants, take measurements, and check your house to determine the ideal water heater capacity for your home.

The traditional water heaters would also need adequate space for the water tank. The right water heater will improve energy efficiency and reduce your chances of returning to the market for a replacement.

4. Consider Your Budget

How much can you afford to spend on water heater installation? These options have different pricing, and you would need to factor in the labor costs for the actual installation costs. The pricing might vary from one installer to another. Get several quotes and compare them to select the best deal.

If you have decided to install a water heater at home, consider involving an expert in your search for the right system. A reliable installer will ensure you get the right water heater and proceed to install it.

To learn more, contact a water heater installation team.