What Should You Consider Before Water Heater Installation? 4 Main Factors

22 March 2021
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Are you tired of constantly battling with frostnip when washing the dishes in cold water? Perhaps cold showers don't cut it anymore now that you have kids around. Whatever your reasons for installing a water heater, you are on the right track. Water heaters are excellent home appliances and can improve your quality of life. But what should you pay attention to when installing a water heater to make the right investment? Read More 

A Homeowner’s Guide To Drain Vents

17 February 2021
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The plumbing system in your home consists of more than drain pipes and water lines. There is also an extensive ventilation system that runs from drains and certain fixtures to your roof. Issues with this vent system can affect your entire home. Vent Location and Function If you view your roof, you can see one or more pipes extending up from the surface. At least some of these pipes are plumbing vents. Read More 

Why Tankless Water Heater Repair Is Often More Affordable

11 January 2021
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When you first purchased your tankless water heater, you might have found that it was a bit more expensive than a traditional water heater. Now that your tankless water heater might need to be repaired, you could be wondering if repairs are going to be more expensive, too. Luckily, in many cases, tankless water heater repairs are actually more affordable. If you're wondering why this is often true, consider the points below. Read More